Commercial Lease

All Inclusive Lease

£169+ VAT per month

All Inclusive Lease

£139+ VAT per month

We offer our commercial sunbeds both for sale and on an all-inclusive 12-month lease package within a 60 mile radius of Doncaster. The additional feature of a tanning bed within your premises, will attract new customers, generate extra income and requires no extra staff.

We have recently re-developed our commercial units, making them electronic, so that they are much more energy efficient. This means that they are more economical and will cost less to run as they do not require high amounts of electricity. The new electronic units have also proved to be more reliable as no tube starters are required. The Electronic Saturn and Galaxy units that we provide will contain high quality German Evolution tubes which give the best UVA/UVB output within the 0.3 safe tanning regulations with a recommended maximum exposure time of 10-12 minutes in a 24 hour period.

Due to the lower energy usage of the Electronic units we developed, you will be able to power up to 3 sunbeds on one single phase 100 AMP supply. There is no need to pay for a three phase supply. Both Electronic models now only require an independent 30 AMP power supply a similar supply as a household cooker requires. If you need us to discuss this with your chosen electrician to confirm any electrical requirements, please do not hesitate to call.

Lease Packages All-Inclusive Standard
Saturn Vertical Unit £169.00 + vat p/m n/a
Optional Changing Cubical £ 20.00 + vat p/m n/a
Galaxy Lay Down £139.00 + vat p/m n/a

What’s Included – All-Inclusive Package?

This contract is for 12 months initially, and 2 month notice is required to cancel the contract. All maintenance on the sunbed is included in this package and will be carried out by our experienced engineers with no call out fees. We will supply all replacement parts and tubes as needed. To maintain optimum efficiency, the sunbeds are re-tubed & cleaned after 800 hours of use and after 1600 hours, each of the beds are exchanged for same model, or equivalent at that time.

A deposit on each sunbed is required to order the units which is £250+vat per bed, the deposit is only returned on completion of the full 12 month lease period when 2 months notice is given to remove the sunbeds. If the beds are returned during the first 12 months of the lease, the deposit is forfeited to Leisure Time Sunbeds. Once the deposit is paid, this will reserve a sunbed and we can then arrange an installation date with you. An installation fee is payable based on the number of sunbeds required and your location, please contact for a quote. This fee is paid when the units are installed along with the first month’s lease payment.

On the day that the sunbed and token meter are installed, we also provide 100 tokens per bed, customer instruction posters, advertising posters and re-usable UV goggles. The first month lease payment will then be due on the date of installation and monthly thereafter via standing order. Please contact us for a quote, or if you have any queries regarding our great value Lease Package. All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the current rate.

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