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New Energy Price Cap

With the new energy price cap, we have calculated the cost of running the electronic home hire sunbeds.

Our home sunbeds for sale use a lot less electricity than you may think. One of the main reasons we developed the Electronic range of sunbeds for sale was to lower the running temperature and therefore reduce the energy usage.

I have listed below the actual running costs for a 10-minute tanning session on each of our sunbeds. This is based on the MAXIMUM current household electric rate kw per hour (34p).

Electronic Canopy Sunbed – 0.72kw per hour. 10-minute session cost 4p

Electronic Double Sunbed – 1.56kw per hour. 10-minute session cost 8.8p

Electronic Black Shadow 24 tube Sunbed – 1.94kw per hour. 10-minute session cost 11p

Electronic Caribbean 26 Tube Sunbed – 2.2kw per hour. 10-minute session cost 12.5p

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