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Modern Age of Electronic Technology

Even in this modern age of electronic technology there are some customers that are still under the misconception that heat is good for the tanning process.

Heat is an unwanted and costly waste product that was produced in abundance when old magnetic ballasts were used to power the sunbed tubes. For many years sunbed manufacturers have spent a great deal of time and energy installing cooling fans /air conditioning systems designed to remove the heat from a sunbed.

Some long-standing customers still wrongly believe that the hotter the sunbed, the better it will tan / make them go red and eventually tan the skin. The reality is that excessive heat generated has an adverse effect on the efficiency and tanning power of a sunbed, and the reddening of the skin is mainly due to the blood rising to the surface to try and cool the body. The skin will go red when we get to close to any heat source like an electric fire but we don’t get a tan as a result.

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