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We are the UK’s largest manufacturer of sunbeds and solarium products with over 40 years of successful manufacturing experience. We produce a wide range of top quality sunbeds using our exclusive designs. Our team of sales executives, engineers, and technical staff are dedicated to offering top quality products and an outstanding level of customer service – at affordable prices.

New Sunbed Tube Legislation – To promote safe tanning

European Legislation is advising an output limit of 0.3W/m2 for all sunbed tubes.

This safe tanning advice is based on scientific advice to the European Member States, the output limit represents the intensity of the midday sun in the summer in the Mediterranean. In other words, this safe limit is intended to match sunbed output to the maximum that human Caucasians have biologically evolved to cope with.

The making available to consumers of a sunbed in the context of providing a service is deemed to be a supply of a product under the “General Product Safety Regulations 2005” (GPSR), and as such the product should be safe. In certain circumstances, it can be an offense to supply a product considered to be dangerous, namely one that is not a safe product. We take this very seriously here at Leisure Time Sunbeds Ltd and so should you!

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