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VX240 Sunbed 160-200w 24T Black


Black 24 Tube VX240 160-200w Home Sunbed :
Part of the VX Range of domestic Vertical Tanning Units ✔️ Designed for maximum full body coverage and outstanding tanning results ✔️ Ergonomic shape for customer comfort and exceptional tanning performance ✔️ Rigid all-metal construction for optimal reliability ✔️ Manufactured in Great Britain with high-quality components ✔️ Compliant with 0.3 Safety Standards for Safe Tanning Tubes ✔️ Promotes close proximity tanning ✔️ Full-length customer-controlled Body Breeze Unit ✔️ Total body coverage with full surround tanning ✔️ Equipped with an Hour Counter to monitor tube life ✔️ Can be available in both White and Black
Advanced Cooling System: ✔️ Each panel features a high-capacity cooling fan ✔️ Draws air through a 9 louver vent system ✔️ 16 ducts behind each tube for efficient cooling to extend the expected tube life
Experience top-notch tanning performance and reliability with the VX240 Sunbed. Made here in Great Britain, it’s designed to deliver exceptional tanning results while prioritizing customer comfort and safety. Compliant with 0.3 Safety Standards, this sunbed promotes great tanning results, ensuring total body coverage.
Key Features:
Ergonomic design for customer comfort
Rigid all-metal construction for reliability
Hour Counter to monitor tube life
Available in Black or White
Additionally, the advanced cooling system includes high-capacity cooling fans, a 9 louver vent system, and 16 ducts behind each tube to keep your tanning experience safe and enjoyable.
Pay a 10% deposit per item

These sunbeds are manufactured here in Doncaster using only the highest quality components and comply with the latest British and European standards. All our units are made to order and include a 12-month warranty with us as the manufacturer.


Black, White

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