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Step into a world of tanning possibilities with Leisure Time Sunbeds, your premier destination for top-quality tanning solutions. We provide a dazzling array of home sunbeds for sale, designed to bring the tanning salon experience right to your home. Our commitment to your well-being is reflected in the thoughtful design of our home sunbeds. Equipped with high-quality German tanning lamps, these beds ensure a safe and effective tan every time. The convenience of built-in timers and customer-operated body breeze fans enhances your tanning experience, providing not just a service but a luxurious retreat within your own home
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Dive into our extensive selection of sunbeds, that caters to every budget and preference. Whether you’re interested in a compact, foldable sunbed or a full-size deluxe model, our range encompasses the diversity you seek. Leisure Time Sunbeds strives to be the go-to destination for those seeking tanning beds for sale, offering not just products but an immersive experience

What sets us apart is not just our outstanding products but also our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. As you explore our sunbeds for sale, our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in making an informed decision. We understand that choosing the right sunbed to buy is a personal journey, and we are here to guide you every step of the way

Transform your home into a sanctuary of relaxation and beauty with our carefully curated selection of home sunbeds. Explore the world of Leisure Time Sunbeds, where luxury meets the sun.

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Craig Markham
Craig Markham
The new Caribbean is a good looking bed and great for the home market.
Cain Wilkinson
Cain Wilkinson
Excellent service from Nat and neville.they gave us some great advice when starting up and all way through up until the present date.all their sunbeds and products are great and we wouldn’t go anywhere else.highly recommended
james morrison
james morrison
From the very start leisure time have been there to assist us with starting and growing our business. Always friendly and there to help. They have an excellent selection of home hire Sunbeds that we exclusively only use in our stock.
paul sanders
paul sanders
Leisure time have been great in dealing with all aspects of the home hire sunbed industry. It’s been a real pleasure dealing with them from the start of my business venture and hopefully carrying on for many years to come. Many thanks for all your help. Bourne2tan
Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey
Good friendly company and amazing Sunbeds, new to the industry and Natalie is always helpful with giving advice.
Attenborough Cars
Attenborough Cars
Rang about the new Elite canopy for home use went to view the same day, excellent service delivered the following week on a day to suit me, my tan is coming along amazing would really recommend
Brilliant service, Neville was extremely helpful
Mark Needham
Mark Needham
Excellent support, immense knowledge and quality products. Always willing to explain any questions.
We've used Leisure Time Sunbeds for over 13 years. Great products , customer service, and Industry knowledge that's second to none. Keep up the good work! Graham @Tanning UK Ltd
Philip Shirley
Philip Shirley
Wouldn't deal with anyone else! In my 22nd year now and Neville and team have been invaluable...always available for advice and guidance ...their products are the best. Cheers Phil &Jackie.

Advancements in scientific technology have enabled us to create sunbed models that use safe UV rays, less intense than natural sunlight. Our sunbeds are priced between £1,150 and £3,400, offering a broad spectrum to cater to various preferences and budgets.

Discover the evolution of sunbed technology for personal use. Today’s home sunbeds provide a range of options to suit individual preferences. Customise your tanning experience by choosing from a variety of home sunbed bulb options, each tailored to specific skin goals:

  1. Evolution UV: Sets the industry standard in UV light tubes, delivering professional-grade results for a healthy-looking glow.
  2. Collagen: Emits red light, stimulating collagen production for improved skin elasticity and suppleness.
  3. Rubino: Combines UV and red-light therapies, enhancing skin condition while promoting a tan.

Selecting the perfect home sunbed is easy, as these fantastic tanning and skin-boosting lamps can be mixed and matched to create a personalised experience. Choose from Lay Down, Stand Up, or Over Bed options to suit your space and personal preferences.

Ensure a year-round sun-kissed glow with the benefits of using sunbeds at home:

  1. Safer than the Sun: Sunbeds expose you to only the least harmful wavelengths of UV light, providing a safer alternative to natural sunlight.
  2. Greater Control: Achieve precise control over the tanning process for the desired tan without outdoor unpredictability.
  3. Better Tan: Sunbeds allow for even tanning, avoiding clothing or swimwear lines, and preventing burning and dryness for a healthier-looking tan.
  4. Save Time and Money: Owning a home tanning bed eliminates the need for salon trips, saving you money and offering the convenience of tanning at home. Our new ‘Electronic’ Home Sunbeds have been developed to be more energy efficient, costing from 3p in electric per 10-minute session!

Follow these guidelines for a safe and effective sunbed experience:

  1. Session Limits: Limit sessions to 6-10 minutes to prevent burning.
  2. Recovery Time: Allow 24 hours between sessions for skin recovery.
  3. Hydration: Stay hydrated by drinking extra fluids before and after a session.
  4. Frequency: Start at 2-3 sessions per week until your skin is used to the exposure.


Follow guidelines for optimal sunbed tanning, including session time, skin type considerations, and pre/post-session care.

Understand the advantages of sunbeds, emphasising their safer wavelength and controlled output compared to natural sunlight.

Prioritise safety by reading and adhering to the instructions on each specific model of sunbed. Different models can omit varying strengths of tanning power.

Wear protective eye goggles provided with your sunbed to prevent harmful UV ray exposure.

Identify risk groups, including individuals with fair or sensitive skin, pregnant women, those with a history of skin conditions, and all individuals under 18.

At Leisure Time Sunbeds, we prioritise your safety and satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art sunbeds redefine your tanning experience, offering convenience, effectiveness, and safety. Bring the sun into your home with confidence and achieve that radiant, sun-kissed glow.

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