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VT20 Electronic Sunbed 20T White


White 20 Tube VT20 Electronic Sunbed, your ultimate home tanning solution! This state-of-the-art domestic vertical tanning unit is designed with elegance and efficiency in mind.

Crafted with a sturdy, all-metal construction and a pristine white enamel finish, the VT20 sunbed complements your home decor while offering a compact and convenient tanning experience. Its adaptable design allows you to customize the tanning area to your specific needs. This unit features multiple cooling fans, enhancing your comfort during tanning sessions.

The “Electronic” VT20 sunbed sets a new standard in tanning technology with highly efficient electronic chokes and 0.3 Evolution Electronic 0.3 Safe Tanning tubes. These tubes are meticulously engineered to deliver optimized UVA/UVB tanning performance, resulting in a deep, long-lasting tan that you’ll love. What sets the Electronic range apart is its commitment to energy efficiency without compromising on tanning effectiveness.

Safety is paramount with Evolution Electronic 0.3 Compliant Tubes, ensuring a comfortable tanning experience. The sunbed is equipped with safety timers to adhere to current regulations, keeping your well-being a top priority. All the necessary safety warnings are in place, and an hour counter is included to help you monitor tube life.

Say goodbye to complex setups; as the VT20 can be assembled in under 2 minutes by one person and only requires one normal household mains plug (6.5 amps).

Embrace the White 20 Tube VT20 Electronic Sunbed for a superior tanning journey right in the comfort of your own home. Experience the future of domestic tanning with elegance and efficiency – all while prioritizing your safety and comfort.

Pay a 10% deposit per item

These sunbeds are manufactured here in Doncaster using only the highest quality components and comply with the latest British and European standards. All our units are made to order and include a 12-month warranty with us as the manufacturer.


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