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Modern Day Slavery Statment

As a responsible business, we take our obligations under the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“the Act”) very seriously. We recognise that modern slavery is a heinous crime and that we have a responsibility to take steps to ensure that it is not taking place in our business or in our supply chains.

Our Commitment to Combat Modern Slavery

We are committed to ensuring that modern slavery does not take place in our business and that our suppliers and contractors share our values. We have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and we expect all our business partners to share this commitment.

Our Policies and Practices

We have implemented policies and procedures to prevent modern slavery in our business and our supply chains. These include:

Supplier due diligence: We conduct due diligence on our suppliers and contractors to ensure that they share our commitment to preventing modern slavery.

Employment practices: We have policies and procedures in place to ensure that our employees are treated fairly and that they are not subjected to any form of exploitation or modern slavery.

Training: We provide training to our employees to raise awareness of modern slavery and to help them identify potential risks and indicators of modern slavery.

Reporting mechanisms: We encourage our employees and business partners to report any concerns they may have regarding modern slavery. We have a whistleblowing policy in place to protect those who report any concerns.

Next Steps

We are committed to continuing to improve our practices and to ensure that modern slavery does not take place in our business or supply chains. We will continue to monitor our policies and practices to ensure that they are effective in preventing modern slavery, and we will take appropriate action if we identify any areas for improvement.

We encourage all our business partners and customers to join us in our commitment to combat modern slavery. If you have any concerns or questions about our approach to modern slavery, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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