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VT20 Sunbed 160-200w 20T White


White 20 Tube VT20 160w-200w Sunbed, a sophisticated tanning marvel designed for the comfort of your home. This domestic vertical tanning unit boasts a robust all-metal structure with a sleek white enamel finish, embodying both elegance and hygiene.

Packed with unique features, the high power VT20 sunbed stands out as the ultimate domestic vertical tanning unit. Keep the heat or cool it down with its integral body breeze unit, which can be easily operated by the user to meet your specific desire.

The VT20 160w-200w sunbed comes equipped with 20 x 6ft 0.3 Compliant Safe Tanning Tubes, adhering to safety standards for your peace of mind. Safety timers are in place to comply with current legislation, providing a secure tanning experience.

Setting up the VT20 is a breeze; it can be assembled in under 2 minutes by one person, plugs into 2 x normal household plugs and all necessary safety warnings are included. Keep track of tube life with the hour counter feature, ensuring your tanning sessions are always optimised.

Choose from the classic White or sleek Black design to match your home decor seamlessly.

Each panel of this 160-200w sunbed boasts a high-capacity cooling fan, channeling air through a 9-louvre vent system and an intricate network of 16 ducts behind each tube, ensuring your tanning unit remains cool and comfortable. Experience the ultimate in-home tanning with the VT20 Sunbed 160-200w 20T White, designed for your satisfaction, safety, and convenience.

Pay a 10% deposit per item

These sunbeds are manufactured here in Doncaster using only the highest quality components and comply with the latest British and European standards. All our units are made to order and include a 12-month warranty with us as the manufacturer.


Black, White

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